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About TRASKO oil filteration system

A Unique Ultra-fine Oil Refining System for Cars, Light Trucks, Vans, and Boats. 10S
THE TRASKO OIL FILTER is a High Performance spin-on oil filtration system that is a technological leap from the inferior throw-away oil filters we've all used in our vehicles for the last 70 years! IT'S LIKE HAVING A SMALL OIL REFINERY UNDER YOUR HOOD! No competitive product on the planet even compares. Try one today - WE SHIP PRIORITY MAIL (USPS) - Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money is refunded!

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Increases Engine Life!

Saves you money!

Runs Engine Smoother!

Reduces Carbon Waste & Helps the Environment!

Benefits of a TRASKO oil filter

Superior Filtration


Conventional shunt filters filter no finer than 20 microns. 40% of all dirt particles in the oil are smaller than a micron. This means that 40% of abrasive particles continually circulate in the engine wearing it out. THE TRASKO FILTER spin on filtration system refines oil 1/10th of a micron, vastly improving oil purity and reducing engine wear.

Cooler Oil

Oil remains up to 20% cooler due to cooling fin design. Cooling is the most important factor in oil lubrication and keeps oil way below the threshold of oil and additive thermal deterioration.

Superior Lubrication

In addition to removing all dirt, carbon and sludge, our systems remove all moisture and water content that causes acid in the oil and is responsible for 70% to 80% of engine wear.

Lower Maintenance
and Repair Costs

Superior filtration, lubrication, and cooling affects a fleets bottom line more than any other single factor. This is the new paradigm in significantly reducing overhead, doubling engine life, increasing fuel economy, reducing emissions and helping the environment.... one engine at a time.

Look at our Ultra-fine Oil
Filtering System In Action!

Conventional Shunt Filter After 5,000 MILES

The TRASKO Filtering System After 5,000 MILES

Testimony to THE TRASKO FILTER has revealed engines with over 180,000 Km without any carbon buildup or dirt accumulation. The oil was so clean that the dipstick had to be held at an angle in the sunlight to see the oil!!!

  • Filtering media provides 100X the filtering capacity.

  • Piston Valve Mechanism provides superior oil flow.

  • Water Absorption - non existent in other oil filters.

  • Cooling Fins keep oil cooler and reduce deterioration.

  • Extra Filter Protection - with 60 mesh screen filtering.

  • By installing THE TRASKO FILTER you are doing what is best for your engine by keeping it free of dirt and sludge, allowing it to run at peak performance. When your engine is this clean, it can actually double your engine life and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Dirty oil acts like sandpaper within the engine and the added dirt, gum, sludge and varnish contribute to unnecessary strain.
  • A filtering system that would last the life of your vehicles.
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  • US PATENT  US005814214A